Brother Dream Weaver Innov-is VQ3000

Brother DreamWeaver Innov-is VQ3000 Sewing Machine Review

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All people in this world possess different talents and skills in different levels. Some take it too seriously while some others don’t. One of the most popular and basic hobby is the sewing hobby. This is most common for housewives. Venturing a hobby depends on you either you want to expand it by turning hobbies into a business or just a simple hobby. Whatever it is, one thing is important – you need to have a complete equipment for your hobby.

Brother DreamWeaver Innov-is VQ3000 Sewing Machine

If you love making an incredible quilt, crafts and fashion-statements, then this brother dreamweaver is the best item for you.  This dreamweaver is created by the brilliant minds of individuals designed for  home advance quilting. This model is versatile in terms of quilting and as you all know that every sewing machine is important in every quilting.

This piece of equipment has a laser vision guide that makes a thing easier to sew a perfect straight line.  One more great feature is its additional sewing pen. All you need to do is to touch the fabric with that sensor pen for setting the width and the endpoint of stitches and placement of the needle. It’s like touching and sewing. You will also love the large space of work as this item is included with a wide table with a dimension of 5” x 11. 25”. The wide table will make your work smoother and easy pivoting. Task lights are no longer needed because this model is brighter than  ever.

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The lock stitch key permits you to tie-off sews with just a press of a button that will save a lot of your  time. Prepare to be fascinated by its dual digital feed which is a driven motor foot that offers great benefit when working with layered or thin fabrics. The dreamweaver has a 561 sewing stitches with 3 sewing fonts, 1 Japanse font and 1 Cyrillic font. It has a vision straight line guide and a lockstitch key. A lock stitch key allows you to tie off stitches with just one press of a button. LCD touch screen displays with dimensions of 3.6” x 6.0”

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